How to Choose Reputable HID Conversion Kits

12 May

Upgrading different aspects of your vehicle can be a fun and exciting adventure, especially if you have a specific vision in mind. HID lights are generally the first upgrade that vehicle owners look for due to the fact that it can completely revolutionize the way that your car looks without having to change the actual body. With that being said, HID lights are also incredibly expensive and in order to ensure that you receive the best bang for your buck, there are a few things to consider when searching for conversion kits.

Finding Reputable Manufacturers and Sellers

The first thing to remember when searching for HID conversion kits is that you will want to find a reputable seller that deals with well-known and reliable manufacturers. The reason being that since HID lights are so popular, there are many companies who make “knock-offs” that are far less bright than real HID lights and that last for a limited amount of time. Consider looking into customer reviews and conducting an ample amount of internet research to find the best manufacturers for your HID lights and where to get them.

The Components of a HID Kit

The majority of the time when you are looking for HID lights, you will need to purchase a HID kit. Before purchasing, consider whether the kit that you are interested in has all of the components that you will need. For a vehicle with two headlights you will require:
• 2 HID Bulbs
• 2 Ballasts
• 2 Clamps
• Installation Manual
• Zip Ties
• Screws

If you own a vehicle with one headlight (such as a motorcycle) these values will be decreased by one.

The Color Temperature

Another important factor to consider when looking for HID conversion kits is the color temperature of the HID bulbs that you are purchasing. The majority of high quality bulbs will give off a blue/white hue that is quite similar to natural daylight. With that being said, there are a variety of other different hues that you can consider using for your HID lights, including:

• 3000K (Gold)
• 4300K (Bright White)
• 5000K (White)
• 6000K (Crystal White)
• 8000K (Crystal Blue)
• 10000K (Aqua Blue)
• 12000K (Purple-Blue)

It is important to take note of your local laws to determine whether your chosen color temperature is legal or not. This is especially important if you are looking into HID bulbs that are over 10000K as they are generally used for off-roading purposes.

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Are HID Conversion Kits Easy to Install?

12 Apr

If you’re a vehicle owner who is currently looking into the benefits of changing your regular halogen headlights into HID lights, there are many questions that you may have in regards to their differences and advantages. Regardless of why you want to install HID lights, you will require a HID kit to complete the task, whether professionally or on your own. Below is some vital information that you will need to consider when you begin looking for HID conversion kits.

Finding HID Kits with Xenon HID Lights

The most important thing that you will want to consider when searching for a HID conversion kit is whether the bulbs are xenon HID lights or if they are xenon gas-filled bulbs. You will require HID lights due to the fact that they emit the most light and they are the better quality bulb. In contrast, xenon gas-filled bulbs are generally less expensive but they are also of lesser quality. Many individuals have noted that these gas-filled bulbs emit far less light than regular halogen bulbs. Although companies may say that their bulbs “look just like real HID bulbs”, they are generally covered with a blue paint (to mimic the blue hue of real HID lights) that fades over a short period of time.

What do HID Conversion Kits Include?

The vast majority of conversion kits should include all of the components required to change your traditional halogen bulbs into HID bulbs. This should include:
• 2 Ballasts (Built-In Igniters)
• 2 HID Bulbs
• 2 Ballast Holders
• Screws
• Zip Ties
• Fuses
• Instructions

All of the above components are required to ensure that you can easily (and safely) install your new headlights without requiring the assistance of a mechanic.

The Installation Process

As previously mentioned, as long as you are able to ensure that the HID conversion kit that you purchase contains all of the important pieces necessary to switch out your lights, the conversion process should be incredibly simple. Depending on the HID kit that you buy, you should also have extremely detailed instructions that will give you step-by-step details on how to complete the installation. With that being said, if you have read through the instructions and do not feel comfortable completing the installation, ensure that you seek the assistance of a professional to ensure that they are safely installed. Considering that these kits are extremely simple, a mechanic should be able to install it easily and in a minimal amount of time.

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What is a HID Conversion Kit?

13 Mar

So you’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade your headlights and you’ve conducted a reasonable amount of research on a HID kit and how it can be beneficial for not only lighting purposes but also for the general aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Perhaps you have even gone through a web search and found a variety of companies that offer conversion kits that are made to fit any model of vehicle that have pre-existing halogen headlights. Before you pull out your credit card and making a purchase, it is important that you become educated on HID lights and how a HID kit should be custom tailored to your vehicle.

HID Lights on Vehicles with Halogen Bulbs

As previously mentioned, there are a variety of different companies that promise to offer a HID kit that is tailored for every type of vehicle that currently has halogen lights installed. Unfortunately, this could be an incredibly unsafe purchase that you should definitely avoid making. HID lights are a great thing to put into your vehicle, but they are only safe if you are purchasing them from a reputable retailer as this will help to ensure that you are receiving quality bulbs that are worth your money.

What is a HID Kit?

A HID kit is the perfect purchase for any vehicle owner who is interested in safely installing HID lights so that they can see better when driving at night and to simply enjoy the benefits of having a more modern and sleek vehicle. These kits are offered from a variety of high end retailers such as Osram, Philips, and Hella. They are also an incredibly useful thing for car owners to use to their advantage when looking to switch out their traditional headlights for something better and that consumes far less energy. Instead of having to venture to your local car dealership to have them replace the bulbs for you, a HID Canada kit is an amazing tool that you can simply use at home.

The Benefit of HID Lights

The number one reason as to why you will want to consider purchasing a HID kit is due to the fact that it will allow you to see better while driving. The color temperature of HID bulbs is quite similar to that of natural daylight, in contrast to regular halogens. This will help to illuminate not only a larger part of the road, but also provide the driver with a sharper image.

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